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Creative Director, Still & Moving Image

Jordan Grubb was born in Atlanta and lives in NYC.

Georgia State University


Co-founder of 12 PUBLISHING HOUSE with Ezekiel Wright-Robinson

Co-Founder of Sandlot with Shannon Lawrence


"Call me Hank” Music video Directed by Justin Ongeri and Jordan Grubb, 2022 - Co-Director, Producer, DP, Editor, Set Designer

"Broadway BTS” Short by Jordan Grubb for, Jean Luc for Stills Directed by Shannon Lawrence 2022 - DP, Editor, Props

"A Day Some Time Ago" Short film Directed by Justin Ongeri, 2022 - DP

"Beer Teasers", Halfway Crooks, 2021-2022 - editor, animator

"Gucci Flora" Gucci x Homme Girls campaign by Jen Brill and Monika Mogi, 2022 - Set Dresser

"A Sense of Agency" Short Film by Directed by Justin Ongeri, 2022 - Set Dresser, Title Design

"Wake" Short film Directed by Chase Sui Wonders for Vogue China, 2022 - Title Design

"The Bag" Coach x Highsnobiety campaign by Rosie Marks and AP Studios, 2023 - Set Dresser

"Syncopate" Directed by Justin Ongeri, 2022

"A Day Some Time Ago" Short film Directed by Justin Ongeri, 2022


"Dirty Dingy" (2014)

Gaze Gallery, Jordan Grubb "ON DOG" (2017)
Group Shows

"The Sofa Show" Curated by Marissa Graziano (2016)
High Rise Show "Loosies", "Arena" installation (2019)

LHOOQ Gala "A Day Some Time ago" with Justin Ongeri (2022)
Published works:

RADAR MAG (2018)

L.L. Bean Supplementary   (2020-2022)

Select Clients:

Always Judging, Basic.Space, Bstroy, FACTOR'S, FOODWITH FAM, GEM NYC, Gucci, Hank, HOODRICH ENT.,
Stevie, Stemlines, Team Bubbly, Vogue China


Under the direction of Alvin Diec at Family Brothers

Atrium, Carmel, Crispy Gai, Grapefruit Wine Shop, Halfway Crooks, Kitty's Market, Hotel Lafayette, Manual, Mr.Tuna, Part Time Lover, Rina, Rowing Blazers, Station House Inn, Sundown Lodge

Please, e-mail for more.

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