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The photos in DIARY are journals and documentations of life around me and in my head. This is an ongoing project. Each series is titled according to a time, a place, a circumstance, sometimes arbitrarily. There are many images to look through in the portfolios, the Main Page provides parred down selection, if you don't want to go deep.


VIDEO holds videos I have made by myself and with loved ones. This also features some selections of set design.

The photos in DIGITAL are digital works. Featured here are partnered photoshoots and more narrative works. Mostly in and around NYC, though at times elsewhere; Atlanta, Idaho, My Apartment.

GIRLS is an archived series of digital portraits taken as I was growing up and became interested in points of transformation.

"[The film Wanda] has disturbed many women. It really was born out of her own experience out of her own life, out of the women she’s known. There’s a class of women that are known in America as Floaters, F-L-O-A-T-E-R-S. That’s a woman who has no real direction of her own and no ability to get from where she is to where she wants to go and FLOATS as debris or little animals float on the surface of the sea, here and there wherever the tides takes them." - ELIA KAZAN on the film "Wanda" by Barbara Loden.


COMMISSION/CLIENT is commercial and commissioned work.

All IMAGES © Jordan Grubb 2015-2023

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